What’s Hot In Decorating

Decorating Ideas

What’s Hot in decorating?

New look – “Coastal”

Coastal Cottage”

Transitional Coastal”

Light colors – ocean, sky, sand is insipration

Crisp whites – like sail boat canvas – sandollars

Muted greens – beach grass, kelp, sea glass

Neuturals – weartherd driftwood grays, soft sands

Watery sea blues, aquas

Light woods

White & whitewashed borders and walls– beadboard wainscoting –

Tables & floors light finish

a few darker stained pieces or antiques anchor the room

Want a beachy accessories – fish – seashells – crabs – mermaids – driftwood –

old beach fencing – could use old snowfence from the north

Not tropical – not parrots, hawaiian prints, tiki bars, flamingos. Don’t want a “Margaritaville” look

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