Jadite or Jadeite

Jadite is a type of glass tableware made of Jade-green opaque milkglass

popular in U.S in the mid 20th century.

The glassware’s is still very collectible even today

durable product in a fashionable color

Jadite was heavy, durable, inexpensive and sometimes was a giveaway in food and cleaning products.

Restaurants used jadite – cost pennies to buy – durable

Great to collect – hundreds of different items available

basic tableware and kitchenware – quirky pieces

cigarette boxes, footed blub bowls, jucie-saver pie plates, door knobs – water dispensers

Jadite was manufactured by many companies between 1930’s-1972

each company produced a slight variation in color either lighter or darker – basic seafoam green

Most Well known producer of jadite – Anchor Hocking Glass Co. started producing 1940’s Most Anchor Hocking Jadetie was between 1940’s -1975

1937 Hockings Co. Merged with Anchor Cap Co formed Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation started manufacturing glass ovenware endures high oven temperatures Started producing Fire King Jadeite

Fire King Jadeite is still producing reproduction lines by Anchor Hocking all designs vary so as not to be mistaken for orignals want to maintain integrity of original Jadeite

Jadite – Jadeite depends who the maker was

Date Your Jadite

1942 – 45 FIRE-KING in block letters



Mid to late 1940’s OVEN Fire-King WARE MADE IN U.S.A. (“Fire-King” is written in script lettering)

1951-1960 ANCHOR HOCKING OVEN Fire-King WARE MADE IN U.S.A. (“Fire-King” is written in script lettering)

1960 – late 1960’s ANCHOR HOCKING OVEN Fire-King DINNERWARE MADE IN U.S.A. (“Fire-King” is written in script lettering)

late 1960’s- early 1970’s ANCHOR HOCKING OVEN Fire-King OVEN-PROOF MADE IN U.S.A. (“Fire-King” is written in script lettering)

Mid To Late 1970’s ANCHOR HOCKING OVEN Fire-King Suburbia OVEN-PROOF MADE IN U.S.A. (“Fire-King” is written in script lettering)

Other companies also produced “jadite” . McKee is known for their pale green “skokie Green” jadite. Pieces are often marked “mcK” in a circle and are recognizable by the bulge or hump on the bottom of each piece. McKee produced some pieces with decals, and canisters and shakers frequently have black letters to indicate what goes inside.

The Jeannette Glass Co. bought McKee in 1961 and closed their doors in the early 80’s. Some of collectors favorite Jeannette jadite pieces are mixing bowls and refrigerator dish the later is very hard to find. The mixing bowls have vertical ribs that go part of the sides and a star design emanating from the bottom.

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