Fiestaware line of ceramic glazed dinnerware manufactured and marketed

by Homer Laughlin China Company. Of Newell, West Virginia.

Introduced in 1936 and still is being made.

They did stop making it from 1973-1985

Fiestaware is noted for it’s Art Deco styling featuring the circle pattern

and it’s large range of color.

It’s popularity lies in its colors, design, and affordability.

It is the most collected brand of china in US.

Fiestaware was immediate hit and by the second year of production more than one million peices sold

That was a record – never has so many peices of dinnerware been sold up to that point

The original five colors were Red, Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Green and Ivory. Turquoise was added in 1937 Those first colors were produced through the 40’s

In 1950’s they added softer palette of pastel colors. Color trends moved back to brighter colors in the 60’s They stopped production of Fiestaware in 1973

1985 Bloomingdale’s went to Homer Laughlin reproducing Fiestaware They now introduce a new color every year In the 79 years it was made total of 47 colors

Interesting note – in 1950’s they used depleted uranium oxide which may be radioactive.

Fiesta dinnerware made after 1972 is not radioactive.

All Fiestaware made today is lead-free and more durable.

Fiestaware is now the most collected dinnerware in the history of tabletop industry.

Back stamps if the letters in the word, “Fiesta” are all LOWER CASE, then it’s OLD if the letters in the word, “Fiesta” are all UPPER CASE, then it’s NEW

There are no exceptions to this rule.
There are at least four types of new backstamps but basically only one type of old backstamp.

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